Dear Friends,

I would like to invite everybody, who feels the call to give in this fasting time before Easter to the poor. It is always difficult to trust different funds and I myself only give to associations where I know what will truly happen with the money, because I want it to serve the poor concretely and directly and not enable some people sitting in offices here in Europe to have an even bigger car.
Before the end of last year I had brought up the subject of a Baby list and thankfully we all came up with a great idea to open up a call for a benefice party in honour of my daughter. I too want to add to this pot 300 Euro and I can assure you all the money will go directly to the children in their concrete needs. The money will only be received by an official Missio account.
Tina Dieng is a woman I lived with and her wonderful family. She is a wealthy woman in no need of ever taking it into her own pockets and on the contrary gives out all her assets into this school. However that is not enough. She needs help. She is a woman with honour and values, ideals and hopes for the future of Africa. Through the freedom good education can give to every individual person.
I am extremely excited to start this in honour of the coming of my daughter Josephine with all of you and thank you for your support. May it be an Euro or more. Every penny counts and I assure to tell you the great results on what we have brought together through this.
Also I want to thank all those, who have given me so many cute surprise gifts for my daughter. You're so very sweet. I am very touched by your gesture in celebrating the life of my daughter with you.
Concerning the project I propose it is a project I personally was able to support in Africa. It is a solid private school with a very good pedagogic fundament. The teachers are serious and the children extremely intelligent and luckily enabled a future. So I can say that I stand a hundred percent behind this project.
I thank you for your trust and interest as well as your generous hearts in the name of the little pousins (chicken) and Tina Dieng.

Your Maite Kelly

Fifteen years ago Tina Dieng has founded the school with five children. Today there are 256 children. It's a private school and unfortunately it completely depends on privates as well as donations to invest in certain things or to hold them up. Often the parents can't bring up all the costs and in spite of that Tina keeps the children to accommodate the families. These children are the future doctors, politics, engineers and lawyers of Lome, of Togo.
Concrete they need help for the roof, as it has to be repaired, a water filter and a bus. There are more than 25 children, which drive to school by moto taxi every day, because their parents don't have two cars or can't effort a taxi.
The school consists of:
1 director
1 school counsellor
1 English professor
11 teachers
5 volunteers
1 secretary
1 cool
Its school system is oriented to European pedagogic, as Tina works as director in Europe and brings along many experiences.

Donations account:
Missio kath. Missionswerk, München
Bank: Bankhaus Reuschel & Co.
Account number: 2280000
Bank code: 70030300
Purpose: B.Nr.53130-2-Togo Maite Kelly

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