Back on tour!
Angelo and his Band are back on the road.AK:"The first concert was just a blast and we all had a lot of fun. Someone told me that I'm currently number 11 of the best concert reviews on That's very cool. Thanks and see you all on tour."

Come to Madrid
The last concerts of the tour.Tickets for both concerts available for just 20 Euro.

We have a winner.
We received so many E-Mails and nearly everyone got it right.The answer is 2005 and the winner is Marta Świech . Congratulations!

We have been receiving many E-Mails from some of you asking weather it is still possible to get tickets for the concerts that are now already sold out. We only write sold out behind a show when it's actually sold out. For those of you who could not get a ticket in time. Please look at the tour dates for a alternative. Thank you.

All the best!

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