Halo dear Fans and specially those of thinking of coming for the Spanish evening in Gymnich 30 May 2009
I regret to tell you that this evening is not possible to pull through because of too many complicated legalities outside of my reach and powers because the ''Erleben and Geniesse GMBH'' went broke
After confering with my lawyer he has made it very clear to me, that I cannot fulfill this evening because of the ''Insolvency in Erleben and Geniessen Schloss GMBH'' that is involved with the tickets sales and the bookings of the rooms and the insurances etc...in The Castle of Gymnich Erleben and Geniessen Gmbh

I will for all those that bought a ticket and booked rooms offer you against proof of bought ticket etc. one or two for free in the future Concerts of mine, Please send me here your request and I will fill a list with your names and so this will be fulfilled in my Solo Tour 2009 youll to be able to visit my Concerts as I said once or twice for free to try to remedy this most hurtful affair for us all
My Kind regards and please excuse me for all these inconveniences that are truly out of my power and legal handling

For tickets moneys send your E-mails to the insolvency judge giving to you by Martina Thiel

Your Kathy Kelly

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