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TV date - WDR - Kölner Treff
Maite as talk guest at ''Kölner Treff'' with Bettina Böttinger
WDR, 19.06.2006 at 21h30

TV date - VOX - Promi Kocharena
The TV date of ''Kocharena'' is already fixed.
28.06.2009 at 20h15 on VOX
In addition you can find a galerie with 14 photos.
This time you can expect something special: Johann Lafer himself invites to ''Grillarena'' (Barbecue)
Set against are: Ilka Eßmüller, Jana Ina Zarella, Hans Meiser, Frank ''Franklin'' Schmidt and Maite Kelly.

NEW Tour dates
Rostock 13/08/2009 BarockSaal (new tour date!)
Wilhelmshaven 14/08/2009 Pumpwerk (new tour date!)
Zürick 15/11/2009 Volkshaus ( New tour date!)

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Borne (NL) 14/06/2009 KulturHuis Borne
Karlsruhe 27/09/2009 Grötzingen
Rostock 13/08/2009 BarockSaal
Wilhelmshaven 14/08/2009 Pumpwerk
Zürick 15/11/2009 Volkshaus
Wesel 27/11/2009 Lutherhaus
Paderborn 04/12/2009 Liborianum Aula
Aachen 11/12/2009 Kurhaus - Ballsaal
Bayreuth 12/12/2009 Zentrum-Europasaal
Bad Tölz 13/12/2009 Kurhaus
Weimar 18/12/2009 mon ami
Görlitz 19/12/2009 Wichernhaus
Magdeburg 20/12/2009 Festung Mark

Tour Diary
New tour diary entry of Maite about Aachen.
''It's my vision to entertain and give the people a blast of a time.''

Radio @m Alex
Maite gives a detailed interview for you. She reveals much about the Kelly Family, talks about her relationship to her fans, about her lyrics, her private life and much more.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2
Interview Part 3
In German only

Maite Kelly hat Aachen zum Rocken gebracht (Online Interview + Bilder)

New products in the MSK Shop
We wanna say thank you to all those who bought numerous products and fan articles in Maites shop. Attention: Some products are already sold out: the white Earrings ''White Lady'', the silver grey scarf, the pink shiny bracelet and the white Fortune Stones.
Thank you for your encouragement and your positiv feedback!
Here are some feedbacks and exitements of customers:

Linda from Norway: Hello, I got my snow white bag from the summer collection yesterday. It is so beautiful. I have a lot of bags and I would not call any of them perfect. But now I have found the perfect bag. I went shopping today and people actually commented on the beautiful bag so that was nice. If that bag sets the standard of the msk shop I think I will do a lot of shopping there. I hope the shop is going well. :)

Alisha from Texas, USA: I was thrilled today when I checked my mail and found that the purse (Sweet Apple Green Bag), Jewellery, CD of course and other products I bought. I admit to acting like a small child and being very excited. I love everything, the products are well made and I'm ''in love'' with my new purse. The Togo cards are beautiful I plan to frame one. I was so surprised to get everything so quickly from Germany to Texas U.S.A. in 5 days? WOW! The CD is fantastic, keep making your wonderful music and selling stuff that helps the rest of us share in your great sense of style. It is one of the many reason we love you after all! Alisha, Texas, USA

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