We need to inform you that the plans for the Recording in Warsaw have changed. Recording the new Live CD in Warsaw will still take place, but there won't be a DVD filmed and made. Angelo has written a few words about the reasons.

AK: "To me it is very important that every product, which has my name on it, is also one where I was completely involved in at every step of the process. Ever since I decided to stop after this tour I have also come to realise that some of the things I had already planned in the beginning of this year had to be changed. I just won't have the time to work on the DVD after my tour, because I will be travelling and living a different life.

I still want to record a Live CD in Warsaw, because it will be a completely new show. The days in studio for the mixing and mastering are planned in some of the off days during the tour, so that the CD will then be out a couple of weeks later.

The DVD from the show on the ''Sean O'Kelley'' has turned out so well, but it did take a few months of hard work and I just won't have that kind of time next year. I hope you can understand and I am looking forward to recording my Live CD in Warsaw. Thank you and see you all on tour."

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