Discover private insights and funny shots on the Youtube Channel of Maite like her experience on the red carpet for the first time during the production of Tinkerbell in July 2009, in Munich... and much more.

Maite gives out some styling tipps on video for her new summer collection Saint Tropez.

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Book tipp: I would like to recommend you this beautiful magazine I found in the train station. It inspired me to integrate so many ideas in my daily life without having to spend money. I especially love this idea to spend vacation in one's own garden. We'll be doing that this year as well! I already look forward making creation with the ideas on page 26: you cut a salad head and paint roses with... What is also interesting is that they have a lot of free recipes and crafting ideas on their website:

''Glaube ist für mich etwas, was mich immer wieder daran erinnert, wer ich bin und warum ich hier auf dieser Welt bin. Warum ich weine und warum ich lache''

In Mai war Maite Kelly zu Gast im Domradio bei der Sendung Menschen für 2 Stunden. Sie sprach über ihr Leben, ihre Kindheit bei der Kelly Family, ihre Glaube... Wer die Sendung verpasst hat, kann hier noch alles nachträglich zuhören:

Hairspray 128 Shows! For more than 6 months, Maite has been giving as an average 5 times a week 2,5 hours of full power and good mood. Maite will go on performing Tracy through the summer. Termin Summer...

We wish you all a happy summer!

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