Dear Friends,

finally I have sung all The Songs of my First Official Album and much has happened. I have been working on this project for the past year and a half. I have a wonderful label by my Side. Ever since my first meeting with Michaela Jeske, while Hairspray, we have been searching for the right team. Of course Broadway has been the greatest creative impact for my new album and I definetly wanted musik where I could bring forth all aspects like dance cabaret and comedy. With Frank Ramon (Roger Cicero, Annett Louisan) I found the team that understood my vision. I know many of you will be surprised. You know how I am. First of all I am singing in German and there is a very retro influence. You know how much I love the retro fashion and all its jazz. There was a lot of influence from Gene Kelly movies, Hollywood divas like Marylin and Marlene Dietrich. I wanted to bring forth all the joy and boldness of those days into our modern times. I wanted music that bring forth a lot of pictures and that would help me perform a show full of glamour and authenticity. I want it to inspire woman to wear lipstick while cleaning up the house just because it helps feeling better. I wanted an album that brought a smile on ones face and make one feeling like one is the only one to understand the joke. I wanted an album that makes one dream, that makes one secretly dance while brooming the floor and most of all an album that makes one feel special because we are all special. We only live once so we might as well live it at its fullest .

Love with kisses God bless,
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