Tytuł: Celtic Drones
Data wydania: 1993
Wytwórnia: ?
Format: CD
Tytuł Wykonawca
One-Horend Cow (Jig) Instrumental
The Wearing Of The Green Paul Kelly
Four Green Fields Paul Kelly
Drowsy Maggie (Reel) Instrumental
Like A Sick Man Paul Kelly
The Greencastle (Hornpipe) Instrumental
Danny Boy Paul Kelly
Uir-Chill A'Chreagain Instrumental
Amazing Grace Paul Kelly
Kerry Slide (Slide) Instrumental
Sally Gardens Paul Kelly
The Dancing Master (Jig) Instrumental
I'll Tell My Ma Paul Kelly
The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh (Reel) Instrumental
Tabhair Dom Do Làmh Instrumental
Paddy Taylor's Jig / Ui Fhoalain (Jigs) Instrumental

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