Tytuł: Making Of La Patata
Data wydania: 09.12.2002
Data powstnia: 2001-2002
Miejsce powstania: Niemcy
Wytwórnia: MAWA
Format: DVD
Czas trwania: 97 min
Making Of ''La Patata'' CD
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
La Patata Leftovers
Technical Problems
You stole my riff!!!
Stuck in a moment (Oh Brother!)
Joey Rehearsing
Star Wars
Counting Bars - Not Mini Bars ''So Many Troubles''
Boy Will Be Boys...
Who needs a hit single anyway???
Time For An Argument...
Patricia and Paddy Rehearsing
More Interviews...
More Rehearsals...
Galaxy Studios
Going Home
La Patata Album Audio Only
I Wanna Be Loved Videoclip
What's A Matter You People Videoclip
Mrs. Speechless Videoclip

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