Tytuł: Over The Hump
Data wydania: 01.10.1996
Data powstania: 1994-1995
Wytwórnia: Kel-Life
Format: VHS
Czas trwania: 53 min
Why Why Why Videoclip
Father's Nose Live in Wien 95'
First Time Videoclip
Baby Smile Live in Cologne 95'
Cover The Road Live in Dortmund 95'
She's Crazy Videoclip
Ares Qui Live in Barcelona 95'
Key To My Heart VHS Live at Loreley
Roses Of Red Videoclip
Once In A While VHS Tough Road vol.2
Break Free Live in Cologne 95'
An Angel Videoclip
The Wolf Live in Dortmund 95'
Santa Maria Weichnachten Für Alle 95'

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