Tytuł: We Got Love - Live
Data wydania: 20.10.2017
Wytwórnia: Airforce1 Records
Format: Doppel-CD

CD 1:
Tytuł Wykonawca
I Can't Stop The Love Jimmy
Why Why Why Joey, Angelo
First Time Patricia
Imagine John
Because It's Love Angelo
Come Back To Me Kathy
Red Shoes John
No Lies Patricia
An Angel John, Angelo, Patricia, Kathy, Jimmy
Loch Lomond Paul
When I Was In Town John
Echo La Ronda Kathy, John, Patricia, Jimmy
Une Famille C'est Une Chanson Patricia
Swing Low Kathy
CD 2:
When The Boys Come Into Town John, Patricia, Kathy
Nanana Jimmy
Keep On Singing Angelo
Fathers Nose Kathy
Please Don't Go Patricia, Jimmy
Drum Solo Instrumental
Fell In Love With An Alien John, Kathy, Angelo, Patricia, Joey
I Can't Help Myself Angelo, Patricia
The Wolf Joey
Cover The Road Jimmy
We Got Love Jimmy
Only Our Rivers Run Free Kathy
Dan O'Feefes (Irish Jig) Instrumental
Wearing Of The Green Kathy, Jimmy
Who'll Come With Me John, Dan
Good Neighbor Angelo, Kathy, Joey, Paul
Take My Hand Patricia
Brothers And Sisters Patricia, John, Jimmy, Joey, Kathy

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