Dear everyone,

Sommer time, on the beach, next to my love, who is typing this newsletter on a Nokia smartphone. Cool

Yes, the living is easy...After months of hard work, composing, writing lyrics, rehearsals, concerts, first studio steps... and a lot of other creative work. Of course all besides being a normal mama. And oh, I almost forgot - learning by heart the lyrics of 9 new songs - horror!
This year my little family vocation comes in as a real blessing and gift.

I have read many of your emails from different countries the past few days. This is my personal answer to everyone of you.

Honestly, I am a bit overwhelmed and in the same time delighted to see how many followers and supporters I have together with my brothers and sisters. Till now I've stayed away from TV, radio and computers. Not being able even to open up an email on my own. I think the first time Denis called me and said ''sit down, let me show you youtube'' was only a year ago. ''What is that'' - I answered. Today we have an official youtube account PatKellyOfficial. Very strange.

Life is great, change is good. I really look forward on this path I've started walking. A new room..

And here are some news:
-I am doing a concert in Switzerland, sorry for the short notice, it was just fixed. It happens in framework of a Christian Festival. Please don't drive 700 km to come to see me, because we planning some concerts in Germany in September and October (gas and train are expensive)
-Online-Shop will be launched on sunday, the 13th of july
-Answering your requests: yes, we plan to put biography and photo gallery on the homepage in august

Thank you so much for supporing and encouraging me.

God bless you,

Patricia Kelly