Saturday night, and the feeling is right.
Well nothing of that, I am a nervous wrack, counting the days till my first Celona concert. The countdown is on... 1-2-3-4 more days! Like my kids say, 4 times ''haja'' (sleeping).

I have done everything, my wash, the entire house is in order. Polished sunday shoes. I jogged today. I even had time with my boys to search and find nine spider webs with big ugly tiger spiders. Everything but rehearsing my songs. If Peter reads this, he's gonna kill me. He is my musical conscious. Anyway, I love doing concerts but I hate rehearsing. Specially learning lyrics. Just like students push their preparation for exam till the last minute...

Down to business.
First thing, to make things clear, I have to disappoint Henny (designer of my homepage) and all of you. I haven't done my biography. It's gonna have to wait till... Ahhh... We will see. Actually I have started writing something, it turned out to be 8 pages long, and I have only got through my first 5 years in Spain. It was great fun, and lots of memories came up. But I think I will take a shorter approach. You know, woman love to talk a lot...

There is a big change.
IMPORTANT: CONCERTS IN BAR CELONA ARE NOT AT 20:00 O'CLOCK AS ANNOUNCED, BUT AT 21:00 O'CLOCK. We are sorry for this change. Celona team asked us for this change so we can begin the concert when meal hours are over and people enjoy their drinks and are more open for the concert. I know it could be a heavy change for some of your, concerning arrival or departure. And remember, that Peter and Band will play 35 Minutes before I come on stage.

By the way, following locations in Celona are suited for wheel chair visitors (first of all concerning WC): Essen, Paderborn, Gütersloh, Siegen, Wolfsburg.

Concerning release dates of CD.
The Maxi-CD ''A new room'' is available on cash desk in Bar Celona locations (only in locations where I play) on the 2d of September and till the middle of october. The Maxi-CD can be ordered in my online-shop as of 9th of September.

Another point. Thank you for all your commentaries and critics on the homepage, both technical and creative. We are working on changes, and many of them are suggested by you. We welcome any feedbacks on errors found, just email to (by the way, on homepage all email address have extra an empty space inbetween, so Internet spam roboter do no email us with rubbish).

By the way, don't feel obliged to write emails to me in English. I can perfectly read German. Whatever is easiest for you.

Some of you asked why there is no concert in other Celona locations, like Frankfurt, or even concerts in other regions of Germany. In our concert selection we are bound to options offered by the contract partner, who organizes concerts. It is not like I can say I want to come to Frankfurt or München, and the promoter finds me appropriate location there. Usually, we respond to offers made by promoters, and they have their favourite cities. Please understand.

I would like to ask you for a favour. If you see any press on my Celona tour and Altenburg please send me a copy or give it during the concert. I can soon give you the address for this purpose, we are working on it. I am trying to collect a press file for the homepage and for long winter evenings when I am old Cool Thanks for your help here.

By the way girls, which dress should I put on? Just joking... Women drive themselves (and their partners, Denis just says), when it comes to choosing the outfit.

OK, that's it. Have a great day.

God bless you,

Patricia Kelly