Dear everyone,

today was the first day since weeks, that I hang around the house, while it was raining outside, with jogging pans and an old sweater of Denis. I even watched a video with our boys, called ''An American in Paris'' with Gene Kelly, a magnificent (irish!) dancer. Since we have no TV antenna (a conscious decision of ours), to watch a DVD is something special. I think it is the first video I have watched in weeks. I had to think of my grandpa (on my father side), who at early age became a champion of contests on clack-and-toe (or tap-dancing) in US many years ago.

I do have not so pleasant news. I have caught a cold, probably through a draft, and I am forced to drink all day a horrible tea for the bladder. Last week after every concert I gave about 2 hours of autographs and photos, which I understand is important and nice for many of you. And I do it GLADLY, for it gives me a personal and direct feeling of every one of you. However, it is a problem in general, for my physical health is not the strongest. I am doing the concerts, here is no problem. The big question is if it is not too much for me after every concert 2 hours of signing and photos for 6 weeks long. My proposal is: I can do autographs, that goes pretty fast. And photos for those who haven't got one recently. Let us see how it works.

Now a few points.
The Maxi-CD ''A new room'' is available as of now in my online-Shop. Of course, on all concerts as well.
The homepage in german language will be launched in next days.
We are working on the MySpace, we will keep you updated.

You might have seen that we have some new photographs in the Gallery under ''Solo project'', featuring the first Celona concert in Essen.

The start hour of Celona concerts has been shifting back and forth, so now the beginning of the show is 20:30 - Peter and band instrumental music, and I begin to sing at 21:00 o'clock.

So I think it is enough for today. Oh, by the way, don't expect from me an newsletter every week. It is just at the moment there is so much going on and we want to keep you updated and informed. Things should quite down with time.

I understand, some of you cannot come to my concerts, because of job, family, distance, timing (during the week), sickness, etc. I appreciate your support from where you are. You are in my thoughts. Thank you.

God bless you all,

Patricia Kelly

P.S. I would really appreciate honest feedback on the CD, just send an email to