In studio
We had a talk with Angelo who is currently in studio, mixing the new CD ''LIVE IN MADRID''.

How was the tour?
AK: ''It's funny, but til now every tour of mine, I feel has been a big step forward and every time I find myself saying this tour was the best one until now. Going on the road with my band and crew is a lot of fun. We all get along great and I'm sure gonna miss them on my next solo & acoustic tour.''

Have you done your ''Christmas shopping'' yet?
AK: ''Yes, this year I finally managed to not have the problem of getting everything two days before and it feels much better. Now I can enjoy the Christmas time ahead.''

Are you looking forword to your show in Dublin?
AK: ''You bet. It will be my first solo concert in my home country and I can't wait. I will also be giving my first show in the town I was born. Pamplona. One thing is for sure. ''The Traveller'' solo & acoustic tour will be a real life experience.''

Live in Madrid
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