Dear everyone,

I hope you are well and rested. Today is definitely the last day for this year. Tomorrow is already 2009.
I do have some news before the year's end to share with you. I will make this newsletter short and down to facts, for we still have to prepare for the party. Denis will be cooking irish stew for us all! Is this possible? A Russian cooking the irish national food? He makes a better stew than me!

So, what is new?
My first concert in 2009 will be on the 14th of February in Panningen, Netherlands. This will be a special and different concert. Acoustic: me accompanied by a great guitarist you don't know yet (a bit like Jimmy's recent tour). Peter and the band will be joining me later, most likely in the spring. It looks like I will be trying something absolutely new for me. It is a challenge and scary at the same time (but something I've been wanting to do for a long time). I hope to surprise you. The programm differs from the Bar Celona tour, although I will include some of the known songs. More I would not want to reveal But I am as curious as you might be to see the effect it has on me and you.
I like the name ''Essential'' for its meaning. This is why these concerts will be called:
''Essential''. Acoustic concerts 2009.
I chose Panningen for the premiere, for I know Henny (concert organizer) does a great Job in making me feel relaxed and takes great consideration of all of your needs. She chose a beautiful café where only about 100 people will fit. So be sure to get you tickets in time (Ticket order under
I wish to create a familiar and cozy atmosphere that evening and to share with you these new steps in my life.

Otherwise, I am working with Peter on new songs. Who knows, what will become of them.

Very soon I can give you new tour dates in Germany.

Warm regards and a Happy New Year. God bless you,

Patricia Kelly