Angelo's new tour ''The Traveller'' is a huge success! That is why it would be unthinkable not to make a DVD from his new program. On this tour Angelo takes his public on a journey through the different stages of his life. This is the reason why he has decided to film this special show in one of the most important places of his childhood. The old houseboat ''Sean O' Kelly''. ''The room in which I will be performing in, is filled with memories. I learned how to play different instruments there and it was in that room where we recorded my favourite Kelly album ''Keep on singing'' AK.
A big part of the show are the stories that Angelo tells his public which is why the first two shows will be in English and the two last ones will be in German. And so in the end you will be able to watch the DVD in both languages.
The amount of tickets will be very limited due to the fact that it is not a normal location. They will go on sale at Ticketmaster on the 18.02.2009. Those of you who won't get a ticket in time should know that the DVD is planned to be released in fall.

FR 03.04.09 (20:00) (English)
SA 04.04.09 (20:00) (English)
SO 05.04.09 (15:00) (German)
SO 05.04.09 (20:00) (German)

City: Speyer
Location: Sean O Kelly / Technik Museum Speyer
Ticketprice: 39,00 Euro