The new double CD and DVD will be released on the 17th of April, together with the first concert of the German TOUR 2009 in Hamburg!
''The Blue Elf's Dream'' is the live CD and DVD of the fantasy Rock-Opera with the same name. A double CD with 24 songs, recorded in a historical baroque sold out theatre of Spain. The magic sound of Maite and John's voices, the Celtic harp, cello solos, different guitars, flutes and drums and a magical travel through Neoclassic, Celtic-Rock, Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy, Gothic and even electronic music, including some full classical tracks, and powerful electric guitar solos, an album to enjoy by all kinds of ages. For those that already have our previous studio album ''Tales from the Secret Forest'', in this new album you'll also find all the collection of new songs that till now were played exclusively live and were never recorded before.
In ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' live DVD you'll enjoy all the visual stage show together with the live sound, surrounded by a nocturnal Secret Forest, where a blue elf discovers a legendary book of tales. His magical solo dances, the strong performance of the different members of the artistic cast and the devoted audience of the concert, will take you into another world.

See you very soon!

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Next Saturday, as you know, we'll perform in Illingen, in the V Mittelalter-Rock Festival. It seems the concert will start at night, I'll write the exact hour here tomorrow.
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See you there too!