Hello everyone,

well, well it's been a long time...
But I have a surprise for you! As I write to you this newsletter all around me there are clouds of dust, papers, boxes, instruments, costumes ... what a mess. I'm cleaning my working room, a mix of office and studio -uff- That's it!!! No more mess!
(Denis bought me two new Ikea-Closets)
I love order in my home, but lately I've been too busy preparing the ''Essential'' program, choosing songs, trying them out, learning them, listening to what key sounds best etc.
All besides being a busy mom!

Well, so what do I have for news, let's see ...
First there's the tour dates. You can click on my homepage for the new tour dates, which are already public (Halle, Berlin, Melle, Oldenburg, Lübeck, Wismar, Köln, Erfurt, Krefeld, Schweinfurt, Worms, Rastatt, München, Hildesheim). We are working on the following cities:
Siegen, 14.05.2009
Dinslaken, 22.08.2009
Attention: at the moment these cities are not fixed 100%, only option.
We don't plan more dates for acoustic tour till august. This will be the ''Essential'' Tour for now. We tried to spread our concerts through the country, as far as it was possible.
As you might have heard the concerts in Panningen were great fun. I was quite sick, but everything went well. The ''Essential'' Tour coming up will be of the same nature/concept. My guitarist of course will be accompanying me the entire tour. The ''Essential'' Tour is a kind of musical biography/history journey, as we travel through the different countries/languages and eras of my childhood/youth. I sing the songs of that particular time (in 6 different languages) and tell little stories or memories that I recall between the songs. It could take the entire night ... bring your sleeping sacks!!! :)

So, what's the surprise?
I recorded a new Maxi CD for you!!!!!!!!
I was convinced by Denis to go into studio and record 5 songs of the ''Essential'' Tour! And right now the master tape is travelling across Germany inside a yellow Post-Office-Truck, its destiny: the printing factory. I hope that we will have it in time for Halle, our first concert.

So, so that's pretty much it.
I'll continue cleaning up my mess and I'm really looking forward to the tour. It was great fun in Panningen and I was happy to hear people's positive response. One young lady said ''it was worth my 10 hours of driving, I will come back anytime again''. Well, I certainly hope you won't have to drive so far this time!
Times have gotten rough with this recession, but I keep on singing, for music is as ''Essential'' to me as bread and water, a surplus of the Goodness of God. I can't imagine life without the Perfume of flowers, laughter of children, the nightingale song, love, faith, hope, music and all the things that make our lives special and beautiful.
Oh by the way, at least one positive aspect of the recession are the sinking fuel prices. Definitely good for Kelly Fans! Driving 10 hours or more.
Thank you for everything.

God bless you all!

Patricia Kelly

PS: There's another surprise in the CD. Let's see if you discover it.
Ok a little tip: It's on the 4th song. Enjoy it! I hope you like it!