As my admired Freddie said before, the show must go on, and so it seems that it's going to happen.

As you already know, we have a gig in Solingen on the 30th of April, at the ''Beltaine Mystery Night'' where we are going anyway with our band to deliver part of our show. That's fixed anyway.

HERE ARE THE NEWS: The organizer of ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009, instead of running away (it could had happened) seems to have been working these days to put the thing together again, (which is something positive about him) after he finally received the money from the sold tickets through the internet online shops and other sources. (He says they don't pay right away and he didn't know that.) (?) Anyway, the important thing is that he said WE'LL CONTINUE WITH THE TOUR FROM THE 2ND OF MAY ONWARDS.
So the cities marked after Solingen, stay as they are till the 10TH OF MAY.

He is also working to recuperate the concerts he already lost in April and add them from the 11th to the 14th of May. We'll let you know if it works out. (this is not for sure yet, it's in the process)

I write here the dates that he said are for sure:

BREMEN ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
BIELEFELD ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
GRONAU ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
KÖLN ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
HOFHEIM/ Frankfurt ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
SAARBRÜKEN ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
KARLSRUHE ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009
RADOLFZELL ''The Blue Elf's Dream'' Tour 2009

Now, John wants to somehow fix a little bit the bad feeling many of you must have by GIVING A SECOND TICKET FOR FREE TO ALL THOSE THAT MISSED A CONCERT THESE DAYS, so you can chose the location and bring anyone with you for free. Just show your ticket in the Abend Kasse and you'll become a second one for free.
For the ones that missed a concert and can't come to any of the dates, we'll think about something so you don't keep that strange feeling after all. So just write an e-mail to:
With the subject: Missed Concert
Send me a photocopy of your ticket.
I'll think about something, I'll let you know.

See you very soon, and once more, let me tell you that I'm really touched by all your messages. You are all very special people (ehem, actually you are f**** great people) Thank you for your great support, I cried of joy just by reading what you wrote.

And to all our technical team, musicians, singers and dancers: You guys are something else, I never met people like you before, if the Earth would be populated with people like you there would be no reason why to be afraid of anyone.
David, grab the plane and get your (ehem) over here, see you guys soon :)

I'll keep you informed about any news, just keep on logging in the blog.