Hello, this is John writing.

I hate to inform you the very unpleasant news which just got from our lawyer today. The Veranstalter/promoter of the Elfenthal tour is neither willing to fulfill principal contractual obligations nor even to do the shows as was agreed upon. Given this situation, it seems we have to face the fact that the non-performance by the promoter of various obligations most probably will make it impossible for us and the band to come to Germany and do the tour as intended and announced for the time being. Amongst other things the promoter deliberately cancelled several of our shows without informing us before they did so and not even explaining to us why they did so after we had found out.
We have been working more than half a year to get this new show ready as exclusive for the first time on stage on this tour, Maite's been breaking her ba**s selecting and arranging the complete repertoire, searching for months for the right high quality and well known musicians, getting them ready musically, producing a brand new CD exclusive for the tour... as well as myself doing all the business and technical organization work. Now we get this news (and just a couple of days before the first concert). We are shocked. It's hard to believe but it's true.

I would like to say many more things to all of you but at this state of things I can only do it with the approval and collaboration of our lawyer, for legal reasons.
As soon as I can publish more information about this, I'll let you know.

Right till the last moment, our team and us were ready to go on tour, and tried absolutely everything possible to make it happen. And now this.
Thank you for your support, great patience and trust.
Thanks to all the ones that helped with this tour.
I don't find the right words right now but be sure that we will come to Germany as soon as we have found a promoter appreciating our work as artists and willing to keep his word.

I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able to do it.

John Kelly

PS: For those who are everyday on myspace, to let you know that I have forbidden Maite to connect these days to the internet to avoid any extra stress. I hope you understand.