Dear everyone,

As I sit in front of my window and write to you (finally!), it is lovely to watch how snow flakes fall on our neighbours chimney top, or on the empty street outside. We have had a lot of snow this winter. For sure it will be an unforgettable one for my children. Sleigh rides down the hills, snow men that don't melt, and enough snow to leave foot prints anew every day.

A lot has happened since my last newsletter. Time just flies...

First of all, I want to wish you all a blessed and happy New Year. Health, love, peace and all the good things for you all. May God bring you all this and much more.

Perhaps some of you, who live not too far from Düsseldorf had the occasion to see the musical ''Vom Geist der Weihnacht''. It was a wonderful and beautiful experience for me. Something very new, yet familiar in the strange way. I had great fun and I really enjoyed the acting part. Although keeping text is not my strength, I was amazed how one can keep the text in mind, if one wants to, or has to! The atmosphere backstage was exceptionally positive. I have seldom experienced such brotherhood and support of each other between artists. And there was constant laughter and joy. The public was warm and welcomed us all with open arms. Around 30.000 visitors came to see the musical. I'd do it anytime again. Oh! And I don't know if you heard, my sons Ignatius and Alexander were often backstage with the acting children and for the last show Ignatius went on stage, sang and acted with us all. I was moved to tears, of course, I was so proud of my son this evening, that I almost forgot my text.

And now a few infos.

Tour. As you've seen online there are new tour dates. There are a few more possibly coming, but this is basically it for the first half of this year.

Yes, we are travelling to different countries in Europe. I really look forward to this. My team finally has got the necessary contacts, logistics, etc. to make this dream possible. For I know we have (The Kelly Family) many loyal fans in the entire Europe. This time you can stay home! You don't have to pack your suitcase! Me and my team will be flying to you!

Surprise. I am working on a surprise for you, can't yet say what it is. I hope it works.

Plan 2010, second half. The plans for the second part of this year are not yet fixed. I have different options and we will keep you informed.

By the way, I heard a rehearsal of the new program of Jimmy and Meike - Just great! I love it. I am jealous of Jimmy, he always manages to top me. Besides, Meike has a beautiful voice, and Denis cannot keep a tune :)

Definitely, a must-see!!!

By the way, almost forgot. There is a new DVD of the musical performance in Düsseldorf, now on sale through our online shop. For those, who didn't see it live. My boys watched the DVD and Alexander made me aware that on a certain passage the word ''bräuchten'' had a terrible english accent. Well, what do you know, very soon they will be telling me which songs to sing and how to sing them. YES, LADYS AND GENTLEMEN, THE NEW GENERATION IS MARCHING ON, AND THAT'S GOOD JUST LIKE THAT.

God bless you all,
With love,

Patricia Kelly