Dear everyone,

some people think I probably have beautiful and relaxed weekends. Well, yes...but, let us look back on today's activities.

Saturday morning: got up (ok, a bit late), put order to the house, hang up the wash, put some into the machine. I cleaned the kids' room (for they expected a friend to come over), vacuum cleaned...By that time it was 12:30 and I realized, I had not had a breakfast. Denis made me a green smoothie and off I was again...I cleaned my room, put order to my papers and spent three hours with Denis in front of the computer, trying to finish the new CD cover.

Oh, by the way, that's the new surprise I mentioned on my previous newsletter. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Tarara-tarara (trumpets playing)! I have a new CD for you. And this time it has 12 songs, so can you believe it? Patricia actually managed a real album? Say goodbye to the era of maxi (I hope). Technological progress J !

Below in this email you will find a message from my team with all details regarding the new album and its availability.

So you see, I have not been bumming around in the past weeks. And now I have to rush off again, for it is late and I still have to clean the kitchen, give the kids a bath and say our good night prayers. Ok, I admit, I have the best husband in the world - he cooks, does the shopping, plays football with the boys and by the way types this letter for you, for I can't use a computer. Thank God I can sing a bit!

So see you all. I hope you enjoy the CD, give me your feedback on it. I look forward to the coming concerts. I've got to go now!

God bless you all, Love,

Patricia Kelly.

21st of February, 2010.

Dear all,

as mentioned by Patricia above, the new CD is coming. It is based on the ''Essential'' program and complements the Maxi ''Essential''.

The name of the Album is ''It is Essential'', it has the following 12 songs:

1. Hecho un limon
2. Mira il tuo popolo
3. Danny boy
4. Calling heaven
5. I love Paris
6. Une famille c'est une chanson
7. Just a closer walk with Thee
8. Banks of the Ohio/Let is shine/Take my hand
9. You're losing me
10. No lies
11. An Angel
12. O Christie

The song ''O Christie'' is a new song, which Patricia recorded together with Meike Kelly

The price of the CD will be 15 Euro and it will be hopefully available for the first time at the concert in Rüsselsheim on the 4th of march, depending how fast the press factory can deliver it. You can order it in the online shop of Patricia as of now - see It is Essential - Album (Online shop)

The first delivery to the post of ordered the CDs will be done on the 8-10th of march.

Warm regards,

Patricia Kelly team