Dear everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am doing much better after a small period of being sick. I really look forward to the Christmas tour. Music is a marvellous gift, which I cannot live without, I am afraid!
The preparations for the Christmas Moments tour has begun full speed. My room is a chaos. Pretty dresses hanging everywhere, shoes, jewellery, makeup fill up the room. In short, a normal woman's room. Than there is my harp standing there, and there is the lyrics and notes to the new songs, that I am learning by heart.Oh my, oh my, I used to learn songs within the wink of an eye - before, in earlier days...But today I have to really practice and practice.
There are many beautiful songs in the program of Christmas Moments. Christmas songs from the entire world, new and old, and even a few non-Christmas songs. I will be singing for example ''The Rose'', ''Stille Nacht'' (with a harp), ''Hallelujah'' and many others.
It is a great fun to do a new program, even if it is a lot more work behind the scenes than one can see. We would like to surprise you and make you marvel. New this time: I will be changing dresses 5-6 times during the show. I can just imagine it - on stage everything is beautiful, peaceful, harmonious. Backstage people are running back and forth to their wardrobe. ''How many minutes do I still have? Please, zip this dress up for me!'' ''Run, run, you are on, Patricia!'' (Me, barefoot) ''I cannot find my shoes!''

Anyway, back to reality. Well, what I am really happy about, that for the first time in ages I am going to sing Christmas songs. There is something very special to them, and as a christian they mean very much to me. It has been a wish in me to do this for a long time. The team of Thomas Schwab, the producer of Christmas Moments, is a great and fun bunch. I've met them all by now at the rehearsals and for the production of the video clip ''Traum von Bethlehem''. I was surprised how natural and kind they all are. They have been touring together for about 12 years and they are like one big family, a crazy family, a bit like the Kellys.
Anyway, it is going to be a great fun tour. I can feel it already, the show is going to be fantastic and marvellous. A big Christmas Show. If you can come and see us, we will be delighted, for we are going to have a great Christmas time together.

All my love, God bless you,

Patricia Kelly

P.S. By the way, I am very proud to announce, that I have signed a management contract with Pool Position ( I look forward to working with them from now on.

P.P.S. Wow, I am a cover girl now, can you believe it? It is never too late. Well, seriously, I am very proud to be on the cover of this christian magazine Lydia ( For collectors: it can be acquired exclusively with my autograph in my online-shop

P.P.S. I invite to you to my next Jazz concert on the 29th of january in Remscheid.