Here I start advancing some of the next tour dates. The idea was to publish them together with the new website but it seems the web its taking longer than expected, so a bit of patience!

8th January DÜSSELDORF (D) Creox Gala

12th March LANDAU (D) Rosenthal Gala

19th March HALBERTSTADT (D) Gala

9th April BURLADA (ES) Auditorio, complete Rock-Opera show

6th August BURG RABENSTEIN (D) Rock-Opera

9th Sept SELB (D) Festival Mediaval, Rock-Opera

There's also a separated tour with the early music ensemble Elfenthal, but I still don't know the cities, I'll let you know soon. More good news: We are coming to Czeck Republic!! Yes, thanks to the effort of some of you, it will be possible this year. I'll post the date as soon as I know. As you can see we are also visiting Spain!! And it is possible that we do a second date there, so keep tunned! (Venimos al auditorio de Burlada, prácticamente al lado de Pamplona, y es posible que se haga una segunda fecha) There will be special guests in this concert, don't miss it!

(details in www.myspace.com/johnkellymaiteitoiz)
info in http://www.imaginascene.com/contacto.htm

There are more concert dates in negotiation but I will wait to publish them till the contracts are signed.

Johnny has been extremely busy these months working to launch a project that he had in mind since long, (nothing to do with Elfenthal) The whole thing has already started and you will see it soon on TV. For some of you it will be a nice surprise. Because he's been almost entirely busy working to put this project together, again we started a little late this year with the bookings for Elfenthal. But I will continue posting new dates as soon as I get more information.

Thanks you for all your birthday wishes!!