Dear all,

2011 is here! Let us run towards him and jump into his arms! I hope your year has begun like mine. I don't know why, but this year I start full of optimism. Maybe because Denis and I have celebrated 10 years of our happy marriage. Wow, what a precious gift. I am so thankful to God.
Or maybe it is because the health challenges of the past year and a half have improved.

All right, let us talk about tours and updates.
I am very thankful for the Christmas Moments tour. It was a wonderful tour and very successful. I travelled with Thomas Schwab and team in two big night-liners through storms of snow and we managed to get to each location on time. However, few times the road was rough and we were not sure if we would arrive at all. We had a great bus driver. Although it was cold and frosty outside we had lots of laughter and singing inside the bus (and Oma Schwab's homemade ''Plätzchen''). I've seldom had such fun on tour. They are all a bit crazy, a bit Irish, like the Kelly's. I did get sick with a flue for an entire week, but somehow the public didn't notice it - thank God! But for a few days I wasn't able to do the dances and some of the choirs. Now I can tell you, for it is behind us.

Ok, so, what about the concerts coming up in March? After the ''Essential'' concert in Kevelaer on the 4th of March, I will be going on the small tour with Thomas Schwab and band for 6 concerts. The content - songs - are basically the ''Essential'' program with a few changes. Four wonderful musicians will accompany me, which will make a complete different instrumental sound. I will be adding two new songs: ''The rose'' and ''No one but you'' in homage to Denis.

I was asked to sign the CDs, which are ordered in my Internet shop, so I will do a special action from 1st of March till Easter (end of April): all CDs from the shop will be signed by me personally.

Otherwise, you might have heard that I was in Berlin with Maite. We had great fun! I let Maite paint my fingernails red (for the first time in my life, at 41 - wow!). Although my sister is 10 years younger, she is well ahead of me when it comes to all that woman stuff.
We were invited to the fashion show from Kilian Kerner. Front row! Wow. He outed himself as a Kelly ''Streetlife'' fan (15 years ago). Today he is a great designer in fashion. Amazing... I love hearing stories like this and seeing how lives and people has been influenced or inspired by the Kelly music, they once listened to many years ago.

God bless you,
Patricia Kelly