Hi everyone,

the last months have been just amazing. And yes...we are still travelling.
In September we travelled to Italy and spent about two months there. My favourite city in Italy has to be ''Lucca''. We loved being there so much, that we decided to stay there for almost a month. The food, weather and country are amazing, but what surprised me the most was, how nice the people were.

We then went to Germany to get everything ready for the birth of our fourth child Joseph.
He was born on the 23.11.2010 and has been making us so happy.

Celebrating Christmas in our bus was great. We had so much snow outside, while inside we were listening to a lot of Christmas songs. We also used the time to visit friends and family.
Once Joseph was strong enough for us to travel, I said to my wife and kids: ''Lets go to Barcelona. I want to show you the beautiful work of Gaudi.'' So we've been travelling now again for a while and are currently in France.

I have been working on some new material and I'm starting to think about touring again.
Once I know more I'll let you all know.

Hope to see you all some day soon.
Angelo Kelly