Dear everyone,

Happy Easter! I hope you have spent some peaceful days. Me, Denis and the boys spent our Easter days in France in the monastery. A little bit of spiritual retreat and prayers and a little bit of time off in the beautiful nature. It was both beautiful and intense. The boys participated in the spiritual program and had great time playing with other kids.

And now back home. My mind is fully focused on the new program ''Songs & Stories''. The first show takes place in Cologne (warm-up) on the 13th may. What will the new program sound like? Well, I wonder myself. It might sound strange to you, but artists sometimes lack the distance to their own work.

To the program ''Songs & Stories'':
- My intention is to take you on a travel through my soul. A personal voyage... I am for honesty and intimacy. Through my compositions of the last two decades I hope to be able to show you a bit of myself and my only goal is to reach your heart. Music has always helped me through the hard times and inspired me in good times. At times it has lifted my feet off the ground and has given me wings to fly. I hope it does it for you too.
- I wanted to respond to many demands coming per email asking me to bring some of my own compositions that I performed mostly with the jazz band and mostly in Nordrhein Westfalen to other parts of Germany and hopefully to other countries.
- I wish to make a program with my own compositions, old and new, famous and not so famous...
- I hope to finally make some of you happy by including some really old songs of mine from the Streetlife period of the Kelly Family, for example ''Singing liv'' and ''It's ok now''.

The program ''Songs & Stories'' is an acoustic program like the ''Essential''. Some of the concerts will be accompanied by a guitarist Christian Kiefer, some by a pianist Thomas Schwab. Here are the tour dates of ''Song & Stories'':

13 May - Cologne, warm-up (Piano)
22 May - Panningen, premiere (Piano)
28 May - Duisburg (Guitar)
3 June - Erfurt (Guitar)
4 June - Rastatt (Guitar)
2 September - Altenburg (Piano)
3 September - Nürnberg (Piano)
4 September - Halle/Saale (Piano)
10 September - Aachen

Other dates for the fall still coming.

Before the ''Songs&Stories'' starts, there will be a jazz concert of mine on the 7th of May in Krefeld (Kulturpunkt / Friedenskirche).

Thank you for listening to my music. I appreciate everyone of you.

God bless you,
Patricia Kelly

P.S. Isn't my little sister Maite great in ''Let's dance''?