Angelo Kelly is back! After his last tour in 2009, Angelo decided to take a break and travel with his wife and kids through Europe. Ever since then they have been living in a bus and have enjoyed a very alternative life.

AK: ''Taking this step has been one of the best decisions in my life. It has brought my wife, our kids and myself much more together and has allowed us to experience so many amazing moments. Living in a bus and going where ever we feel like is probably the closest we've come to experiencing true freedom. You know when you are in love and want to tell the whole world about it. Well I guess that's pretty much how I feel at the moment. So what better way to do that than to perform my new songs and tell you all about our life off road.''

Be sure to get your ticket in time, because this tour could be sold out very soon.

30.03.2012(D)Köln - Altes Pfandhaus20:00
31.03.2012(D)Köln - Altes Pfandhaus20:00
07.04.2012(NL)Apeldoorn - Gigant20:00
12.04.2012(D)Leipzig - Pfeffermühle20:00
13.04.2012(CZ)Prag - Divadlo U Hasičů20:00
14.04.2012(D)Dresden - Theaterkahn20:00
15.04.2012(D)Erfurt - Das Die Live19:00
20.04.2012(D)Berlin - Wabe20:00
21.04.2012(PL)Warschau - BOK20:00
06.05.2012(D)Baden-Baden - Rantastic19:00
11.05.2012(D)Hamburg - Theater Basilika20:00
12.05.2012(DK)Kolding - Godset20:00
24.05.2012(D)Essen - Katakombentheater20:00
26.05.2012(D)München - Das Schloss20:00

more dates coming soon...


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