The Festival Mediaval, the biggest of Europe, which for the second time receives us on its main stage, and this year as headliners! This time was even more special, as we met many friends and some of them joined us on stage, and on the next day, the legendary Alan Stivell was performing there *proud to share poster with him*!! Thousands of people were boiling and clapping, and our merch stand was also boiling, it was just awesome. For 2 hours we enjoyed a lot watching the whole crowd growling with our rock numbers and moving beautifully with our mystic-melodic ballet numbers. We are really happy you had fun and we hope to see you all very soon again!!

Also surprising was the Kaiser Otto Fest in Magdeburg, from which we were also headliners on the main stage. The organization was really cool and the fest was much more than we ever thought it was, a huuuuge area plenty of acts, events, concerts of well known neo-medieval bands and a great big medieval market with Ritter show included. We also met a bunch of friends, it was fantastic!!

Also our gig in Prague was very special as it was organized with the effort of the Czech Republic fans, which are the loudest of the world, I think, hahah! They worked a lot to get to handle such a show like ours and they made it!

Now I'm back in studio waiting for the creativity to flow (asap) hehe
Greetings from the ELFENTHAL!