Dear everyone,
how nice to write to you looks like the fall has finally come and our family decided this morning to put the heating on.

I thought of you because tomorrow I will be guest in the German TV program ''Stern TV''. This is not a musical or typical talkshow appearance. No, this time I will speak about my breast cancer. It's been a long road since, I was diagnosed with it two years ago. I decided a few months ago to talk about it very openly and honestly. It was a need that grew in me. I feel very good about this step and it feels freeing and healing not to have to hide it anymore. So if you have the time I invite you to a very personal documentary and interview, an insight to my little story.

12.10.2011 22:15 ''Stern TV'', RTL

Furthermore most of you probably know about the coming Christmas tour ''Stille Nacht''. I rally look forward to this tour, especially to be on stage with my brothers and sisters Paddy, Kathy, Paul and Joey. We are working heavily on the preparations, rehearsals, etc. and are very excited about it. As you may have heard we have added two additional concerts due to the big demand:

30.11.2011 Hamburg (CCH Saal 1)
23.12.2011 Berlin (Max-Schmeling-Halle)

Right now we are going to have fun at the last concerts of the ''Songs&Stories'' tour for this year:

14.10.2011 Berlin (Grüner Salon)
15.10.2011 Lübeck (Musik & Kunstschule)
16.11.2011 Salzgitter (Kniki)
21.10.2011 Klagenfurt, Austria (Sunset Club Klagenfurt)

Happy to see you there.

I hope you're all well and wish you all a beautiful fall...enjoy the falling leaves!
God bless you,
Patricia Kelly