Finally you can now get Angelo's new album and the documentary DVD ''OFF ROAD''.
They are now available in the online shop and you will also be able to purchase them on tour.

Is there a particular question you would like to ask Angelo? Well, then just visit the homepage and post your question as a comment in the Q & A article. We will try to have Angelo answer as many questions as possible and we will then put the finished Q & A online on Saturday. Q & A

30.03.2012 Köln SOLD OUT!
31.03.2012 Köln SOLD OUT!
01.04.2012 Köln SOLD OUT!
05.04.2012 Bremen SOLD OUT!
07.04.2012 Apeldoorn SOLD OUT!
09.04.2012 Apeldoorn
12.04.2012 Leipzig SOLD OUT!
13.04.2012 Prag
14.04.2012 Dresden SOLD OUT!
15.04.2012 Erfurt SOLD OUT!
17.04.2012 Markkleeberg SOLD OUT!
19.04.2012 Berlin
20.04.2012 Berlin SOLD OUT!
21.04.2012 Warschau
27.04.2012 Ljubljana
28.04.2012 Wien
29.04.2012 Budapest
03.05.2012 Eschweiler
05.05.2012 Basel SOLD OUT!
06.05.2012 Baden-Baden
11.05.2012 Hamburg
12.05.2012 Kolding
13.05.2012 Rostock SOLD OUT!
24.05.2012 Essen SOLD OUT!
25.05.2012 Frankfurt
26.05.2012 München
23.06.2012 Stuttgart (DVD RECORDING)
24.06.2012 Stuttgart (DVD RECORDING)

There are still a few tickets left for some of the shows. But not for long. TOUR

All the best.