Dear everyone, I hope you are all well? I was just unpacking our suitcases (many, many .. . :)) from our little trip on this Easter weekend. It was truly wonderful and somehow tears came to my eyes when I saw my two sons at Easter mass. Ignatius dressed all in white (like an angel) serving mass (altar boy) and Alexander playing djembe with the church choir. How time flies, and they are already so independent... Of course that after mass they got loads of compliments and chocolate eggs. Next day (Easter Sunday), we visited our friends, the religious sisters, and witnessed two new born male lambs, they had just been born. How beautiful, the kids where delighted!!

And now a few updates:

1.I would like to thank my team behind the scenes. A big BRAVO for the past few months which were particularly busy with the ''Stille Nacht'' tour and the online merchandise shop.

2.You might already know my Facebook? Well I've been quite active there lately...Videos, Photos...I really enjoy it and its fun. A great and easy way to stay in contact with you. Times have changed a lot. If I think of approximately 17 years ago how I would go myself personally to the post office to send thousands of letters to our fans, a kind of ''newsletter''. Well, the post office would see me coming and I would hear ''Kelly is back, close the doors'';) I much prefer Facebook!

3.I am bringing out my first DVD. It will be a live DVD, a concert, which was recorded in March 2011. It was one of the last concerts on the ''Essential'' program, special edition ''Moments with Patricia Kelly'', and we had lots of fun (the band of Thomas Schwab and me). We are in the middle of the cutting process and preparing the cover, etc. I will give you details (songs, release date, etc) on Facebook, homepage and through the newsletter by the 6th of May.

4.And now there is something I would like to tell you. The past three and half years have been a real blast! Professionally wonderful and rich in personal and artistic growth. I am very proud and thankful for this. And I plan to continue. First there was the ''Jazz project'', then the ''Essential'' program, musical ''Vom Geist der Weihnacht'', ''Christmas moments''&''Moments with Patricia Kelly'', then the ''Songs&stories'' program and of course the special ''Stille Nacht'' tour with my brothers&sister. Oh wait a minute; I forgot all the bookings that don't appear on the homepage: special events, singing on church weddings, Galas, private events, etc. And all the interviews, press conferences, TV shows (Markus Lanz, stern tv)...Uff...

However there is a time for everything. After thinking about it I have decided to take a break for me and my family life. Maybe one year, more or less, as of this July 2012, after the last concerts from ''Songs&stories'' I do want to leave a little door open in case I can't help myself ;) But for the time being, no new tour dates, no new projects etc. are planned. I am sure you all understand me, and I believe I am doing the right thing.

So that's it! For those who would like to join me on tour this spring, here are the final dates from my current tour ''Songs&stories''

22.4 Mannheim
26.4 Hamburg
27.4 Hannover (sold out)
28.4 Torgau (in the area of Leipzig)
4.5 Brühl (in the area of Cologne)
6.5 Mainz
10.5 Neunkirchen ( lays between Trier and Karlsruhe)
11.5 Wittlich (in the area of Bitburg)
13.5 Bad Ems (in the area of Koblenz)
20.5 Trier
3.6 Warschau (Poland)
9.6 Hachenburg  (lays between Bonn and Wetzlar)

Details on locations and tickets you can find under the following link

I hope you all keep strong and healthy, and enjoy the spring coming up.

Be sure of my prayers for you all and thank you for your never ending support.

God bless you

Patricia Kelly