Dear everyone,

ring ring ring, I heard in my dreams, ring ring!

“Oh, it’s the postman”, I thought and I woke up in a jump.

I put my Morgenmantel on and signed the package he had in his hands. “Gute Besserung, Frau Kelly”, he said as he turned around and drove off. No, I am not sick. I’m only in Tourmodus. Tourmodus means not being able to fall asleep before 2 or 3 in the morning. After the show which is usually finished at 11pm my Adrenalinspiegel is so high that the body needs time to calm down.

As I closed my door Linda, our dog, looks at me like she is saying: can we go for a walk please? I can’t resist her cute eyes. Then the washing machine seems to scream through the house: hey, take care of me! Then comes the Spülmaschine and then the phone rings. Claudia, my assistant from our office calls with a list of to do’s. Der übliche Wahnsinn! Do you know this? I’m sure you do.

Being a working mom is bit like a tornado at times. But I would not change my life for a million dollars.

Let’s get down to the latest updates and news now.


Apropos Tourmodus. The “Grace & Kelly” tour began with a great kick off concert in Holland and continued in Switzerland and Germany and this week we are in Austria. And then Germany again.

Here below are all the tour dates with my Trio (Piano & Cello):

08.04.2016 NL – Helmond
16.04.2016 CH - Solothurn
22.04.2016 Sulzbach
24.04.2016 Nürnberg – SOLD OUT
30.04.2016 Ennigerloh – SOLD OUT
06.07.2016 A-Wien – SOLD OUT
07.05.2016 Johanniskirchen
29.05.2016 Leipzig
08.06.2016 Siek (bei Hamburg)
10.06.2016 Schortens
11.06.2016 Lingen
26.08.2016 Worpswede
10.09.2016 A- Lustenau
11.09.2016 Göppingen – SOLD OUT

“Grace & Kelly” – Patricia and Band

And here below concert with the entire band (Drums, Bass, Cello, Piano). We are very excited about these special concerts:

16.09.2016 Xanten
17.09.2016 Hachenburg
15.10.2016 Remscheid

A few more concerts will be added for this fall’s tour, which will be published soon. We will keep you updated.

We got further news: we have optimized and professionalized the ticket sale. As of now you can easily buy your tickets through Reservix and their ticket agencies.

Find all tickets here: Reservix


And now some news on my new CD “Grace & Kelly”. Me and my team were overwhelmed and overjoyed to see the new CD “Grace & Kelly” shoot up into the official German album charts at number 43!!! WOW!!! What a big success for a little independent label like us!! Thank you, thank you all for this incredible honour. We are also very excited that the new songs are so well received and loved.

For those who don’t have it yet, you can buy the CD (album CD, vinyl, digital download) on Amazon, on iTunes and all stores in Germany. If they don’t have it in stock - ask for it. They are able to order the CD.


Last but not least: Yes, I will be going on a big solo Christmas tour this year. The dates will be coming very soon. Be sure to get your tickets fast, for last year the concerts were sold out extremely quickly. We will update you on this separately in the next Newsletter.

I hope you all have a lovely spring now. Enjoy life as it’s the nicest time of the year.

Hope to see you guys at some concerts soon!

All my love,

God bless you,

Patricia Kelly

PS: By the way, as some of you already know: I’m very active on Facebook since years. There a lot of nice photos and videos from tour and also some private postings.

If you don’t want to register: it’s not a problem. You can also see it without an own account:

PPS: Me, the old hippie who was originally against social media, I have become a big fan of Instagram. I have my own account now where I post exclusive photos and videos and bits of my daily life. Check it out, join me in. Its lot of fun…

PPPS: If you didn’t see my new video “They cut me down” on youTube yet - here are the links:

Germany, Switzerland and Austria: Link

All other countries: Link