Dear everyone,

looking out my window I see beautiful rays of sun falling upon the big trees in front of our home. The colours are amazing: Yellows, browns, reds… All together make a beautiful symphony of beauty and harmony. My eyes turn back to my computer and office table. Hier tobt der Bär. The phone is ringing, E-mails are screaming to be answered…

Christmas is around the corner

Me and my team are busy, busy preparing a thousand things for the Christmas tour which begins only in a few weeks. We are so excited for this year we will be touring all across Germany in fourteen cities.

You are all welcome to come and see us and our program “Blessed Christmas – Ein Weihnachtskonzert”.

It is a selection of my favourite Christmas songs from all over the world. Spanish joyful Christmas songs, English and American classics, French and Latin and of course the most beautiful German Christmas songs that I favour. I bring with me my wonderful musicians Sebastian Scobel on the Piano and Daniel Brandl on the Cello.

It is going to be a very special tour. Churches have a unique atmosphere and are the perfect frame for songs made for the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas.

Check out the tour dates:

27.11.2016 LUDWIGSHAFEN am Rhein
02.12.2016 LAUENBURG Elbe (near Hamburg)
04.12.2016 BERLIN
06.12.2016 MERSEBURG
07.12.2016 LEIPZIG
10.12.2016 KREFELD
11.12.2016 MEDEBACH
14.12.2016 GRONAU (Westf.)
16.12.2016 CLOPPENBURG
17.12.2016 NORDENHAM
20.12.2016 WETTENBERG - WIßMAR
21.12.2016 HAIGERLOCH, Bad Imnau
23.12.2016 SANKT AUGUSTIN (near Bonn)
28.12.2016 BAD IBURG-GLANE (near Osnabrück)

If you plan to come be sure to get your tickets for some of the concerts are already sold out. Find further information on my Facebook.

In case you are looking for a Christmas gift or two… As you know, I have a Christmas CD which is a classic by now and very appreciated by many. As well as my autobiography, a book of my life which I wrote myself “Der Klang meines Lebens”.

Here are the links: CD "Grace & Kelly" , "Der Klang meines Lebens" and "Blessed Christmas" CD

Ok everyone, I got to get back to my work and my to do-lists.

And oh, by the way… Next Tuesday, 8th of November I am playing a “Grace & Kelly” concert in Worms at “Lincoln Theater” with my entire band which will be recorded for DVD. Of course I am a nervous wreck already (I hate recordings, I get so nervous!)

So be sure to take time on this weekend for a walk in the forest cause the sight of the beautiful leaves and its colours is quickly gone.

Take care of yourselves, hope to see you soon!

All my love,

God bless you,