Tytuł:The Complete Story
Data wydania:2011
Wytwórnia: Edition Plus Verlags GmbH, Shop24Direct

CD 1:
Tytuł Wykonawca
Who'll Come With Me (David's Song) John, Dan
Ares Qui Paddy, Kathy, Jimmy
Roses Of Red (Single-Remix) Maite, Kathy, Angelo
Nanana Jimmy
Why Why Why Joey, Paddy
First Time (Remix) Patricia
Peces Kathy, John, Barby, Joey, Patricia, Jimmy, Paddy
She's Crazy Barby
I Feel Love Paddy, Maite, Angelo
Red Shoes John
Let My People Go Joey, Jimmy, Paddy, Angelo
What A Wonderful World Joey, John
One More Song Paddy
Father's Nose Kathy
Alle Kinder Brauchen Freunde (Child) John
Good Neighbor Paddy
Because It's Love Angelo, Paddy
Too Many Ways John, Kathy
All Along The Way (I Will Be With You) Kathy, Jimmy, Barby
CD 2:
Tytuł Wykonawca
An Angel Paddy, Angelo
Hooks Barby, Paddy
You're Losing Me Kathy
I Really Love You John
No Lies Patricia
Every Baby Maite
Stay Beside Me Joey, Jimmy
Danny Boy John, Dan
House On The Ocean Paddy
I Will Be Your Bride Angelo
The Wolf (Live Version) Joey, Paddy
Cover The Road Jimmy
Key To My Heart Paddy, Joey
Une Famille C'est Une Chanson Dan, Paddy
Old McDonald Patricia, John, Jimmy, Joey, Kathy, Paul, Barby
Give Us Rain Patricia, Kathy
One More Freaking Dollar Paddy
Hiroshima, I'm Sorry Kathy, John, Patricia, Dan, Angelo, Maite, Paddy
Angels Flying Joey
We Are The World John, Patricia, Jimmy, Barby, Angelo, Joey, Maite, Paddy, Kathy
CD 3:
Tytuł Wykonawca
I Can't Help Myself Angelo, Paddy
Please Don't Go Patricia, Jimmy
Leave It To The Spirits Barby, Jimmy
Madre Tan Hermosa Dan
Fell In Love With An Alien Paddy, Kathy
Another World Joey
Oh It Hurts Maite
When I Was In Town John
Okey Papa Dan, Jimmy, Paddy, Angelo
Come Back To Me Kathy
Brother, Brother Paddy
Stronger Than Ever Barby
Greensleeves Dan, Kathy
You Belong To Me Patricia
Quisiera Ser Un Ángel Paddy, Kathy
Amazing Grace Kathy, John
Una Pandereta Suena Kathy
Collage (1975) Kelly Family
Ojos Negros The Kelly Family
Looking For Love Paddy, Kathy
The Children Of Kosovo Kathy, Angelo, Maite, Paddy
CD 4:
Tytuł Wykonawca
Mama Paddy
Sah' Ein Knab' Ein Röslein Steh'n John
Yo Te Quiero Kathy
Mrs. Speechless Angelo
Lonely Dan, John
I Can't Stop The Love Jimmy
Motherhood Kathy, John
Baby Smile Barby
Why Don't You Go Paddy
Santa Maria John, Angelo
Pee-Pee Angelo, Dan
Never Gonna Break Me Down Joey, Paddy
When The Last Tree... Paddy, Kathy
Take My Hand Paddy
Motherless Child Kathy, John, Patricia, Jimmy, Joey, Barby, Paddy, Maite, Angelo
When The Boys Come Into Town John, Maite, Kathy
Only Our Rivers Run Free Kathy
Flip A Coin Joey, Paddy
Oh, Johnny Barby, Kathy, Paddy
Agur Jaunak (Live At Lorely) Kelly Family